• 1. How to play the video on NAS/Routers ?

    (1) If your computer can directly view the files on the NAS or router:

     • Add a folder directly by adding a button or dragging a mouse

    (2) If you view the NAS's files only by Third Party Client

     • Create a local map for the NAS;Reference

     • Add a folder by adding a button or dragging by mouse

    (3) If you know the exact file path, enter the IP address + path of the server directly in the folder address field ( eg: \\, note that there must be two backslashes) and click enter.

  • 2. The new version of Moon AirPlay can not be opened, 20066 port was occupied?

    (1) First close the new version Moon AirPlay 2.0.0, than find and uninstall the old version of Air Play, you will find work is normal.If you had uninstall the old Air Play, Look at the next one.

    (2) Open the "Run" dialog box (Windows + R), type "netstat" command, click enter, check the local address: 20066 . Find and close the application who take the port for the 20066, and than you can enjoy your VR Video.

    (3) If you still can not start, please connect us by our Facebook Group:

  • 3. How to use Air Play to watch videos on my computer?

    (1) Download Air Play PC client from our home page and install it on your PC.

    (2) After Air Play is installed, run it and open your videos folder to add videos. Note that directly adding video is not supported now.

    (3) Make sure your mobile device and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

    (4) Open AirPlay from Moon VR Player on your mobile, then search available devices, find your PC and connect to it.

    (5) Once the connection is established, you can see the videos in your PC and watch them.

  • 4. Why my PC can not be discovered by AirPlay?

    (1) Check whether your PC's SSDP Discovery service is running, if not, please start it.

    (2) Check whether your mobile device and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi, if not, please change the Wi-Fi.

    (3) If you enable your PC's Wi-Fi with third-party Wi-Fi assistant, in which case, your PC's network setting panel will show two IPs, change your PC's IP to the other, then exit and re-open AirPlay.

  • 5. Why My PC's Air Play still can not be discovered although in the same Wi-Fi?

    (1) Check your PC's firewall rules, make sure the Air Play application in your firewall's white-list.

    (2) Also you can disable your PC's firewall, but we do not recommend this method.

  • 6. Why I click my PC's Air Play in my mobile airplay's retrieved list, but connection not be established?

    Just like the question 3, check your PC's firewall.

  • 7. Why I can not open my videos folder in my Air Play PC client?

    You have too many videos in the same videos folder, please remove some videos and try again.

  • 8. Where is the settings menu?

    (1) Move your eyes to the bottom of the screen when you watch the video, you will see the settings menu icon.

    (2) Keep your eyes on the icon 2 seconds or more, the settings panel will show.

  • 9. Why videos in my phone and SD card can not be discovered by Moon VR Player?

    (1) You should move your videos in your phone and SD card to root directory,such as DICM, photos etc.

    (2) Should also be aware of that the supported video format now: mkv/mp4/wav/mov/avi/rmvc/flv.

  • 10. Why my subtitle files can not be retrieved?

    (1) You should put the subtitle files in the same folder with the video and rename the subtitle file same with the video.

    (2) Should also be aware of that the supported subtitle format now: srt,sub,ttml,vtt,ssa.

  • 11. Why there are no videos in Moon VR Player?

    Moon VR Player now do not provide videos self but just play videos, so you need download videos to your phone or SD card by yourself.

  • 12. Why I am stuck in the initial window and can do nothing after I open the installed Windows Air Play PC client?

    (1) Make sure your PC enable option 'show hidden files and folders'.

    (2) Enter the folder: C:[your system drive, default is C]/Users/[your username]/AppData/Local, the find Air Play folder and remove it.

  • 13. Why I can not open Air Play after I downloaded it?

    Apple default security strategy which called Gatekeeper forbid installing app from internet, so you must disable Gatekeeper by yourself.

    If your macOS is below Sierra 10.12, it's easy. Just go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, choose option Anywhere under All apps downloaded from:, then reopen Air Play.

    If your macOS is Sierra 10.12 or higher, it's a little tricky. In System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, you can not see Anywhere option under All apps downloaded from:. But you can restored this option with a terminal command: sudo spctl --master-disable. After you execute this command in your terminal, relaunch System Preferences, enter Security & Privacy > General, you can see Anywhere option under All apps downloaded from:, check it and reopen Air Play. Just for your information, you can use a terminal command: sudo spctl --master-enable to re-enable Gatekeeper.

  • 14. Why the playback menu misses after update the app?

    For most mobile phones, choose the 'Setting', and find 'Moon VR Player' in the 'Application' section. Click 'Clear Data' and 'Clear Cache', then it will works as normal.

If you can not find answers for your questions here, please feel free to contact us use email info@rockvr.cn or just leave comments on app stores. We will give feedback as soon as possible.